What's in the box?

Your guests arrive at their reception tables to find a mysterious locked box along with an artistically done note that gets them started on the quest to open the box.  As they solve each puzzle presented to them, they travel around the venue to locations where they will find the next one hidden in another prop. When they finish the final puzzle and open the box, they find their treasure! 


Perfect for a casual game to be played throughout the evening, and equally enchanting as a race with a grand prize to the winning table.

What you get


  1. A choose your own puzzle adventure that gets your guests collaborating with their table and bumping shoulders with other guests in a hunt.  Hide clues and puzzles at specified destinations based on the answers to previous puzzles. We suggest choosing 3-5 depending on your desire for game length, contact us for a free initial consultation!

Choose from the following types of puzzles:

  • Crossword/Word Fill

  • Word Search

  • Before & After

  • Riddles

  • Sudoku with letters

  • Grille Cypher

  • Folding Puzzle

  • Series overlay

Choose from the following destinations the puzzles lead you to:

  • DJ

  • Bride/ Groom

  • Mother/Father of the


  • Gift Table

  • Registry Book

  • Cake Table

  2. Puzzles and props mailed to you to go along with the pre-made adventure, featuring a choice of stained wood box with lock for each table.

  3. A congratulatory note to put inside the box.  We suggest adding your own personal touch by hiding your wedding favors, another small prize, or a note to fit your own style.

  4. Instructions for how to set up and run the event

Customization Options:  Is it almost what you imagined, but…. want clues to mention your fabulous trip to Europe or want a destination to be Aunt Sally? We can work with you to create more personalized puzzles.

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