Imagine you guests walking

                      to their reception table....

.... and finding a decorative box with a coded padlock.  They’ve seen weddings with crosswords or word searches before, but this is unique! On the table with the box is a guide to the adventure that they will experience.  They start by solving a short puzzle that instructs them to go to another location, and the excitement builds. Along the way, they run into guests from other tables, helping strangers become friends.  After the final puzzle is solved, they figure out the code and open the box to claim their reward!

At Weddings Unlocked, we offer puzzles and scavenger hunts for your reception, rehearsal dinner, or wherever else you might want a group to bond over excitement and teamwork.  We offer several options,


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Key guests are in on the secret and are the gatekeepers for the puzzles/clues on a hunt, meaning that all you need is the puzzles, which you print yourself after we send you the files.

Guests work together as a table following a series of puzzles and clues that guide them around the venue culminating in opening the box and finding a prize.  We design the puzzles and send you everything you need to run the experience.

 We work with you to design a custom adventure that gets the whole guest list involved.  Do you want tables to directly interact with each other? How about a fun story to get the whole group excited?  We help your vision come alive at whatever scale you desire.

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