Print and Play Puzzle Hunt

With a Print and Play Puzzle Hunt, you get the flexibility of choosing what is right for your event.  Select your number and types of puzzles and we’ll create an adventure for you and your guests, then send you a file to print it from.  Choose from pre-designed wedding fun or work with us to customize to your exact needs.

What you get

​Pre-designed puzzles, you print:

  1. A choose your own puzzle adventure that gets your guests collaborating with their table and bumping shoulders with other guests in a hunt.  Hide clues and puzzles at specified destinations based on the answers to previous puzzles. We suggest choosing 3-5 depending on your desire for game length, contact us for a free initial consultation!

Choose from the following types of puzzles:

  • Crossword/Word Fill

  • Word Search

  • Before & After

  • Sudoku with letters

  • Riddles

Choose from the following destinations the puzzles lead you to:

  • DJ

  • Bride/ Groom

  • Mother/Father of the


  • Gift Table

  • Registry Book

  • Cake Table

  2. Instructions for how to set up and run the event

  3. Suggestions for materials to use while printing


Print and Play with mailed materials:

  1. Same adventure style as above, but also the puzzles themselves via mail.  We work with you to provide the presentation you want, and it gets delivered to your doorstep with instructions for play.

Customization Options:  Is it almost what you imagined, but…. want clues to mention your fabulous trip to Europe or want a destination to be Aunt Sally? We can work with you to create more personalized puzzles.

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