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IAlmaCon Escape Room: Highland Murder Mystery

Friday, March 8th- Sunday, March 10th

Requires AlmaCon Registration

We have created a room for AlmaCon, March 2019!  Do you have what it takes to solve the murder in time? Up to 10 people can play at a time.  Note: AlmaCon registration is required to enter the room the experience will be in.  Check out AlmaCon's website below for information.

What is an Escape Room?

An escape is an adventure game where participants hunt for clues to help them solve puzzles in order to complete an objective.

Who are Escape Rooms for?

Anyone can play, from corporate groups, to friends and family to random strangers.  Only people 16 or older can book an experience, those under 16 are required to have at least one adult present for the experience.

Where are you located?

Right now we are only doing onsite events such as conventions and parties.  If you are interested in booking an experience with us please contact us at unlockedlansing@gmail.com or call us at 260-758-1588

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